While I was sleeping in the afternoon today, light, gentle breeze through the window entered my room contracting facial arrector pili of my face, fastened its speed to reach for my ear whispering "Wake Up Human! Can you hear birds chirping outside?Have you started noticing sparrows frequent visits lately which you used to while years and years ago? Did you notice that small white house on the mountain in front, is at more height and not the pink one you used to think? You might have heard the unusual sound at nightwell those are of mole crickets and owls. Don’t you feel light while breathing? Didn’t you start enjoying the calmness, away from chaos? Aren’t you loving the break? Didn’t you observe that it’s your family and few loved ones who actually misses you? Don’t you miss going outand meet your loved ones? Well don’t be surprised by my whisper because it ain’t the first time. It’s just that you were deeply immersed in your routine of chaos, dirt, fake and noisy world! You ignored my calling. You missed the beauty. But it’s never too late to startWake up. Breath fresh. Meet people. Enjoy nature. And face the real world. But only after you are allowed .Good bye!" Woooooosshhh.. and it blew past against my face with its light, gentle touch.




A wandering soul trying to settle for something; but that 'something' is the question!

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Anushka Srivastava

Anushka Srivastava

A wandering soul trying to settle for something; but that 'something' is the question!

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